Your First Reservation

This is a time for us to connect with you and for you to be heard.  We will take time to listen to your needs, explore what you're experiencing in your body, your goals, aspirations, and challenges.  We will explore your history, lifestyle stresses, and activities that may be impacting what you're experiencing in your body and well-being.  If we feel we can help you and you feel we are a good fit, the next step is a complete assessment of your NeuroSpinal Integrity, balance, and function.  Please plan to spend 45-60 minutes for this initial reservation.

20 Minute Complimentary Consultation

Not quite ready and want to know if we would be a good fit for you?  Reserve a consultation instead of first reservation.  The consultation is more or less 20 minutes and an opportunity for us to connect and have a conversation.

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why chiropractic?

The neurospinal system is our life line.  Its' health and integrity tremendously impacts our overall health, energy, and well-being.

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