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Babies & Children possess an incredible potential for health, vitality, creativity, and energy rich life.  Childhood is a critical time to nurture children in powerful ways because this sets the foundation and tone for their overall well-being.  While children grow, heal, and change at a rapid rate, they are not unbreakable or immune to stress in life. They must be given tools to help nurture their potential and unwind built up tension.  Wholeness and well-being are more than the lack of symptoms or disease.  Well-being is expressed when they are adapting, integrating, and functioning optimally with an energy rich life.  Children are our future. They deserve the best we have to offer.

Gentle spinal entrainments help them recover and adapt more quickly from falls, slips, emotional, chemical, and mental stress that has built up as tension in their bodies.

"One cell, sparked to life by another begins to divide, transforming and growing into a "God"-zillion cells, creating an entire human being in approximately nine months.  That inner light, potential, and wisdom doesn't abandon us at birth.  It remains within us helping us grow, adapt and reorganize all without us having to think about it.  This is the essence of LIFE.