Our Philosophy

Humans possess an incomprehensible innate intelligence.  It is only that intelligence, which runs, animates, and coordinates the human body, that can restore function and facilitate healing within.  When the expression of that intelligence is dimmed, we decrease our natural ability to heal cuts, mend the body, repair tissues, function, experience optimal posture, adapt to stressors, optimally regulate our internal physiology and express life and vitality.

Our Intention

Help facilitate greater life force and intelligent expression within the body for increased function, energy efficiency, adaptability, vitality, healing capacity, well-Being, and performance potential.

We do this by helping enhance and upgrade neurospinal integrity through gentle network spinal chiropractic care. 

Our Vision

to witness and awaken the divine genius and wisdom of humanity.

Our Mission

to ignite inspiration and nurture a community and movement for empowered living, extraordinary life expression, and Soul-fulfilled EVOLution of humanity.

Curious if we can help you?

What if pain and symptoms were feedback urging us to wake up and move our life into a new, more fulfilling, powerful and productive direction... providing meaning that could actually enhance our ability to heal, perform, and raise the standards for how we behave, act, and perceive the world.
— Lindsey James