Welcome to the Cafe of Life NYC.

From an early age, I often experienced a vivid knowing.  It was the knowing that my body was intelligent and knew how to heal itself.  Today, I am blessed to be in a profession that honors, acknowledges, and helps express that innate healing capacity because LIFE is undeniably the expression of Intelligence.

I didn’t really think of my experiences as "intelligence" at the time, but when I had a cut I never questioned that my wound would close up.  I would watch it with amazement as it scabbed and experience that irritating itch only to soon find it completely healed.

As I grew older this vivid knowing grew dimmer.  I was inundated with all the things students have to DO: homework, chores, sports, music, etc. . In high school and college I began to experience distinct discomfort, tension, and decreased performance both in and out of my athletic activities.  It was then my mom recommended I see a chiropractor…

Through chiropractic care, I witnessed and experienced transformational healing within my body and enhanced physical and mental performance as a Division I student-athlete.  It became self evident that our connection and awareness of our bodies’ wisdom play vital roles in the capacity for healing and every aspect of our lives.  I wanted to help others do the same.  I graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic in 2008 and have been in private practice ever since.

Needless to say I love working with athletes who want to be in peak health, fitness, and performance.  This is also why I enjoy working with entrepreneurs and professionals.  Helping them decrease their stress, experience greater health and vitality, and so they can create more impact in the business, family, and community.

My favorite clientele, however, are pregnant women, babies, and children.  This love of serving children was ignited by the birth of my first nephew when gentle chiropractic care transformed what was a very stressful nursing experience into one of greater ease and joy.  

I look forward to serving you and your family in our cafe of life community on your journey to express greater health, vitality, and a more authentic, empowered, extraordinary version of you.

Cheers to your extraordinary, 

Lindsey James, D.C.


What people say -

“Thank you Lindsey :)”

"Thank you Lindsey : )  As I encounter life I find great joy in being met.  Every opportunity I have had to encounter you and your work thus-far has resulted in a profound feeling of "met-ness" for me.  When I step into your space I can feel the thoughtfulness and care that you take with me. That feeling stays with me as I move through my day, my week.  I feel like you listen to my words, (sometimes my thoughts?!) and perhaps most acutely to my body... You listen and you respond with guidance, advice, and wisdom. I thank you for sharing this wisdom with my body... It is helping me to wake up... And I LOVE this awakened feeling : )
Yours in changing the world,”

"They love their adjustments..

“I don't think that I would have attempted to nurse my other two children if it weren't for the fact that I saw a change in my oldest son after his adjustments.  My adjustments helped change my experience of pregnancy and breastfeeding. I know from firsthand experience the difference in my body and in what I observe in my children.  They love their adjustments... The change in their energy and ability to manage their own behavior is apparent...”
— CB

"I feel energized, grounded

“I began NSA work just over a year ago when I suffered a spinal fracture. I was told by several doctors I needed a spinal fusion, but I began to ask around to other people I knew or knew of that had experienced the same injury to see what steps they took in healing. One woman explained to me how {Network Spinal} changed her life after she broke her neck - and it was more than just avoiding surgery. She was also told she needed a spinal fusion but went this route instead and now, 10 years later, is still feeling strong.
In my experience, I not only feel that it has helped me through my injury, but on so many other platforms as well. In addition to feeling more flexibility in my spine than I've ever had, I feel energized, grounded and whole, which has in turn affected my acting on an incredibly positive level.
— AC

Want to feel more energized, grounded, and whole?