Enhancing performance and mastery.


Athletes undergo rigorous demands, challenges, and spend hours training their neuro-physiology.  They are some of the most inspiring, dedicated, and passionate individuals I've ever met.  Because the demands are so great, rest, nutrition, proper training, and staying connected to their neuro-physiology are vital for elite & optimal performance.  Enhancing NeuroSpinal integrity is essential in helping athletes tap into their ever expanding potential.  

The human body is a powerful instrument.  Using specific tools and exercises athletes can get more in touch with their bodies' signals, rhythms, and energy levels to access enhanced performance, responsiveness, as well as adaptive capacity and recovery times.


The majority of professionals have a sedentary work environment as computers, cells phones, and other forms of technology are becoming more intertwined and necessary for their work.  This can contribute to a tremendous amount of stress build up in the body, spine, and brain.

Couple this physical stress with the challenges from colleagues, bosses, and pressure to meet performance requirements .....  Stressed colleagues that are overworked, tired, in poor health or pain, etc., often impact others and even pick up the slack for their lack of performance.  

Through utilizing chiropractic, many professionals have expressed they experience more ease, resilience, creativity, and energy at work and in their life.  We love serving conscious entrepreneurs who are creating impact in the community.


The connection, communion and master with the body is a continual journey and process.  We naturally open and close during different parts of life.  The flexibility and strength of the spine is a vital part of practice.  Yoga and network spinal analysis compliment each other well.  If you are a yogi looking to support, elevate and evolve your practice, we look forward to serving you!